About Us


Three G's provides education through written instruction and hands on training.  Representative areas include but are not limited to electricians, body shop, engine repair, heating and air, paint booth operators, welders, plumbers, etc.  Instructors donate their time to educate about the opportunities in their field, to explain the role of their particular trade, and to provide supervision of hands on training performing actual projects.

The business side of operating will also be addressed.  Small business organization, accounting, banking and credit education will also be provided.  

Vocational Training & Skills

The activities of Three G's will be conducted in a clean modern facility with state of the art tools and equipment.  Participants will be able to work on actual projects.  Classes are to be conducted five days a week during the summer months and after school for those participating during the school year.

Part of education is also to provide a sense of responsibility and pride in both the individual and in the work product.  Emphasis is placed on God and country, to have a grounded set of guiding principals, and instill a sense of work ethic.  Too many young adults have no guidance and no way to gain any experience in practical skills that can be translated into a vocation.  Three G's will provide a measure of both.